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10 Must-Have Bedroom Gadgets for the Modern Lifestyle

Introduction Bedroom Gadgets

From motion-activated bed lights that allow for darkness-free sleep to intelligent mirrors that display calendar and weather information, these fantastic bedroom gadgets will simplify life.

With routines and automation set up, you can automate your bedroom lights to fade in, your blinds to roll up automatically, and play your morning music with just a single command.


The role of technology in our daily lives

1. SwitchBot Smart Curtain

For an effortless update of your curtains without the hassle of replacing their poles, here’s one product you should consider – the PS99 SwitchBot Curtain Rod 2 can motorize existing poles! Using its app, you can set rules so the curtains will open at sunrise and close again at sunset or when temperature/humidity changes occur.

You can add Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant support with a hub like the PS70 SwitchBot Hub Mini (review). IFTTT integration is also possible.

Manual control through the app is intuitive and user-friendly. At the same time, more precise options enable partial opening or closing of curtains, scheduling them to operate on delay or running them in Silent Mode to reduce motor noise. When creating a “Lights Off” scene, curtains will close automatically to illuminate sunlight for healthier sleep-wake cycles while at the same time closing to light up the room with sunlight for improved restfulness. Various other cool tricks exist, including motion sensors that trigger curtains to open or close when someone moves in the room.

2. Wyze Bulb Color

Add bright lights to your bedroom for an easy way to enhance your morning or nightly ritual and help create an atmosphere conducive to restful slumber. The Wyze Bulb Color is one of the more cost-effective intelligent bulbs on the market, with lots of features packed in for such an affordable option.

Your lighting options include any hue and brightness setting available to you. Plus, this app allows for customizing lighting patterns to simulate sunrise/sunset times for better sleep/wake-up times.

Our tests demonstrated that this bulb produced accurate colors with sustained saturation even at full brightness and natural-looking warm and cool shades of white with its tunable white feature. However, due to device triggers/schedule limitations, we could not apply colors/scenes accordingly, limiting its functionality; however, using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, you could control your bulb with voice control via the Wyze app with voice command capabilities.

LED Crescent Moon Lamp

Create a dreamlike ambiance and instantly transport yourself to a peaceful sleep sanctuary with the LED Crescent Moon Lamp. Its soft glow offers just enough illumination for easy navigation of your bedroom while adding aesthetic value and not disrupting your sleeping cycle.

Customizable LED lighting options let you set any mood you desire, with all 12 moon phases displayed through touch sensor or remote control settings. Switch colors or modes via touch sensor or remote control – an elegant night light for any house room and would make an exceptional present for someone who appreciates celestial magic!

SwitchBot Smart Curtain is a game-changer, making opening and closing curtains automatic through app control or voice command, making waking up to a more leisurely day much more straightforward. For an affordable yet powerful bedside decor upgrade, Wyze Bulb Color provides customizable illumination at just one button press – with multiple color choices and compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant!

Floating Plant Pot

A delightful decor item, the Levitating Plant Pot combines nature and technology for an eye-catching statement piece. Crafted of lightweight wooden construction with space for your favorite plant to thrive inside, it quickly adds some greenery to any room. Furthermore, its levitation feature will impress guests as they witness your plant defy gravity!

The Levitating Plant Pot is an ideal way to cultivate bonsai trees as its unique design provides your plant with equal exposure from all light sources in the room. Plus, its stylish yet industrial aesthetic makes it suitable for modern bedrooms.

If you’re searching for something genuinely original and unique to give someone, the Levitating Plant Pot makes an outstanding present idea. Give them something that will transform their bedroom into a tranquil sanctuary – your loved ones will thank you while loving their new addition to their home! So what are you waiting for – go shopping and start upgrading your room now with these ten great gadgets!

Sleep Enhancement Gadgets

Sleep Enhancement Gadgets

Sleep is essential to our physical and emotional well-being; countless devices are designed to promote healthier sleeping patterns.

Bright lights such as Philips Hue White + Color can help create an ideal atmosphere for sleep by shifting to warmer shades of white at bedtime, simulating sunset, and allowing you to drift off quickly into a deep slumber. In the morning, these intelligent lights can gradually brighten to mimic sunrise so that waking up gradually rather than being startled awake by an alarm is possible.

External monitoring devices offer another solution to measure sleep environments without needing wearable devices, including options like Smart Nora that measure snoring. Others help alleviate sleep apnea symptoms while managing temperature regulation during restful slumber.

White noise machines that play up to 20 minutes of relaxing sounds are an easy and low-tech way to soothe the mind and body. Ideal for those who find podcasts or audiobooks challenging to listen to before bed, this small, quiet device allows users to create their sleep-inducing soundscape.

White Noise Machines

White noise machines can be valuable tools in masking distracting sounds or helping those sensitive to noise pollution sleep more peacefully. However, specific machines may be too loud and interfere with restful slumber.

Many models include timers or automatic shut-off settings to switch off the sound at specific intervals or allow users to choose various sounds until one works best. Others provide adjustable volume settings or let users pick from different sounds until they find the one they enjoy most.

White noise machines vary considerably in design. Some may come equipped with alarms or lights to signal when activated, while others are made with aesthetics in mind and blend seamlessly into most bedroom designs. They usually don’t take up too much room in your bedroom and come in various colors, from black to Realtree camouflage patterns.

SNOOZ white noise machine is an excellent option for fans of fan sounds, as its fan creates the sound, and its light can be adjusted from low to bright settings. Plus, its portability makes it easily fit into luggage or carry-on bags!

Sleep Trackers

Market trends show an increasing variety of gadgets designed to assist sleep. Some such devices include fitness trackers and smartwatches that track metrics including heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and physical movement; other gadgets, like Oura Ring Gen3 from Circadia or SleepScore Bed 2000 from Oura, can sit on your nightstand or be built directly into mattress models for external monitoring purposes.

These devices gather environmental information such as ambient light levels, temperature, humidity, and noise levels from their environment and upload that data via Bluetooth or wifi directly to your smartphone. Some, like the Eight mattress cover, include built-in hubs to connect with other smart home IoT devices such as Alexa, Nest thermostats, or lighting systems.

Other sleep-tracking tech includes headbands that measure brain waves to determine your level of relaxation before feeding that information back to an app that guides meditation or mindfulness exercises to promote sleep. Dreem and Muse’s headbands even play soothing music based on your relaxation level- further helping ease you into restful slumber!

Aromatherapy Diffusers

Lavender or chamomile aromatherapy could be needed to help you unwind before bed. A diffuser disperses their fragrance into the air so you can breathe them in for a calming and stress-relieving experience.

Reed or heat-based essential oil diffusers don’t work like electric or ultrasonic diffusers; their oils don’t turn into vapor, posing potential threats to children and animals (R, R). Electric or ultrasonic diffusers use water and oil mixed in an enclosed unit with a vibrating plate to disperse their fragrance into the air more reliably, providing greater control of fragrance released into the atmosphere than reed or heat diffusers (R).

These units can come in sleek tabletop or even hygge-inspired styles with optional mood lighting to help create a relaxing ambiance in your bedroom. Ensure not to exceed the recommended amount of oil – otherwise, your diffuser could overheat and ruin its scent!

Bedroom Gadgets to Make Your Bedroom More Comfortable, Satisfying and Convenient

Your bedroom can benefit from many gadgets to increase its comfort, satisfaction, and convenience – such as electric blankets, air purifiers, and mood light strips.

This smart mirror displays your calendar, weather forecast, and alarm clock as soon as you wake up each day. In addition, it monitors sleep patterns, skincare habits, and mental wellbeing.

Smart TVs and Streaming Devices

Many modern TVs now boast innovative capabilities, giving users various entertainment possibilities. Some work with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for hands-free control and search functionality, while others can connect with connected lights, thermostats, and cameras.

Dedicated streaming devices, often in the form of USB sticks, provide another cost-effective option for adding intelligent features to your television without buying an entirely new set. They typically come preloaded with apps (streaming channels) and far-field microphones for voice interaction.

Portable enough to take with you on trips or vacation homes, these mini consoles can even replace your current gaming console – freeing up space on your TV stand and eliminating cables behind it!

Wireless Speakers and Sound Systems

Whoever loves watching television or listening to music while relaxing, various gadgets can provide both entertainment and relaxation, including wireless speakers, sound bars, and multiroom audio systems.

You are finding an audio source (TV, Blu-ray player) that complements your system. An ideal approach is an AV receiver capable of handling the signal and providing output to multiple speakers simultaneously, along with enough speaker cables to reach all rooms of your home.

Smart light bulbs can make an invaluable addition to the bedroom, providing ideal conditions for restful slumber by simulating natural lighting conditions and even helping wake you up gently each morning with their soft glow.

Massage Chairs

Your bedroom should be an oasis of relaxation and comfort, featuring everything from an excellent mattress to other gadgets that can help improve sleep quality.

Smart bedside radios can play meditations, hypnotic stories, or relaxing sounds to aid sleep; bright blankets can either warm you in winter or cool you down in summer, depending on your preferences.

Notable bedroom gadgets include:

  • LED bulbs that change color on a schedule.
  • Intelligent mirrors that display calendar events and weather updates.
  • Eco-friendly solar-powered air purifiers.

Finally, intelligent diffusers add soothing scents while you rest comfortably on your favorite chair.

1. Heated Blankets

Heated blankets can simultaneously make your bed cozy and toasty and warm the room before you get in. They save energy and money with their auto-shutoff timers and energy-saving features such as fast heating or quick warming times. Modern electric blankets have even been designed to reach their highest temperature settings in as little as 35 minutes! Most can be controlled remotely or through smartphone apps for maximum convenience if two people share one bed.

Most heated blankets can be machine-washed; always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Look for models using carbon-fiber wires less likely to spark fire than standard electrical cords; twin, complete, and queen/king-size blankets come equipped with one controller each to offer customizable heating zones for added comfort.

2. Projectors

Think movie night should only happen in a theater? Think again! Projectors make for a fantastic cinematic experience in your bedroom and can display digital video, making the cinematic experience accessible anytime. Choose between models with regular screens or those featuring motorized, light-rejecting options.

When purchasing a projector, ensure it offers enough lumens for your room size and lighting conditions. Otherwise, images might be unviewable due to inadequate light, and colors could appear washed out or experience glare.

Add some magic to your bedroom with a star projector, which illuminates the ceiling with constellations. This spectacular gadget is sure to please both children and adults.

Turn Your Bedroom Into a Smart Sanctuary

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary – turn it into an intelligent space with these mind-boggling bedroom gadgets!

Voice activation technology can make for one of the most exciting bedroom gadgets. Choosing an appropriate system enables you to adjust lights, change playlists, or see who is at your front door without picking up a device yourself.

Home Automation

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary – somewhere to come home and unwind after a long day. We have something perfect to meet your needs, from smart devices to fun gadgets.

Smart home devices enable you to remotely manage your bedroom using a mobile app or digital assistant and many feature sensors designed to ensure optimal health and comfort in the bedroom.

Electric blankets can help regulate body temperature throughout the night, and intelligent mirrors display vital information like calendar events, weather updates, and alarm reminders so you never miss a beat. Other bedroom tech gadgets include voice-activated curtains or blinds, which you can open/close using voice control or automate with routines.

Smart Lighting

You’ve been searching for bright lighting for an easier and faster way to turn on your lights without needing manual switches. Many smart light bulbs work with voice-controlled systems like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple HomeKit/Siri, enabling easy control without getting up from bed or picking up your phone – offering instantaneous control without leaving bed!

These bedroom gadgets can help you in multiple ways – from aiding you to drift off easily to providing soft light in the dark for guidance, reminding you when it’s time for breakfast, and even reminding you to turn off all your lights before leaving home! Plus, these devices make great solutions if you need to remember!

Keep track of your curling iron or hair straightener using smart plugs. Just plug them into an outlet, and they’ll communicate with your smart devices to automatically shut them off when you leave home.

Smart Curtains and Blinds

Curtains and blinds are indispensable components of home decor that can add an elegant finishing touch. Bright curtains go one step further by combining style and technology for improved control and energy efficiency.

Easy to integrate into existing curtain types, motorized curtains can be controlled through a remote, smartphone app, and voice assistant integration (where applicable). Furthermore, some can even be set to open or close at specific times for a seamless experience and enhanced security.

As bright curtains consist of moving parts, they’re susceptible to wear and tear. It’s advisable to select one with a warranty that covers replacement.

Climate Control

Your bedroom should be an inviting retreat where you can unwind after a long day, providing comfort and satisfaction. With cutting-edge bedroom gadgets at your fingertips, creating this perfect oasis is now easier than ever!

BedJet is an effective device designed to help achieve an ideal sleeping temperature. This device comes equipped with three memory presets that remember your preferred combination of heating and cooling and biorhythm settings that enable better restful nights.

Other bedroom gadgets to help improve sleep include the Dyson air purifier, which adjusts according to your sleeping cycle and removes bacteria, dust, and formaldehyde from the air. This device is an excellent solution if you have allergies or wish to reduce energy costs.

Automated Home Security

Whether you’re concerned that someone might sneak into your home while you sleep or that someone left the lights on while away, installing an intelligent security system can provide peace of mind. Equipped with smoke/heat sensors, door/window sensors, and motion detectors, it will give you complete peace of mind as to what’s going on around the home at all times.

Bright book lights can help those who prefer reading in bed stay on track with their reading habit. When you approach, the LED bed light turns on automatically to provide enough illumination without disturbing others, and its night mode automatically shuts off after a set amount of time, eliminating annoying glare or worrying that your light might have been left on. Visit your local Control4 Certified Showroom to explore these smart bedroom gadgets further!

Bedroom Gadgets That Make You Feel Comfortable and Satisfied

The right bedroom gadgets can make life in bed more relaxing and satisfying, from voice-activated lights to smart mirrors with beauty features – here are some fantastic products you should consider for maximum relaxation in bed.

If you prefer a more natural way of awakening in the mornings, consider investing in intelligent blinds or curtains with timer settings that allow you to set your desired wakeup timers. Some can even open automatically at your desired moment each morning!

Productivity and Connectivity

Expanding the functionality of your bedroom is made simple with an array of valuable gadgets. From light-up stars to smart mirrors with health monitoring features, there is something here for everyone.

Add convenience to any room with the help of a smart speaker equipped with voice control technology to automate everything in your space. It can turn lights on/off, set alarms, provide traffic updates, and answer weather/traffic conditions queries.

Beginning your day right with bright lighting that boosts your mood is an effective way to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder, or “the winter blues.” Plus, no filters need to be changed!

Desk organizers and charging stations

Bedrooms should be places that help relax you and reflect who you are; plenty of valuable gadgets are out there to make this possible.

This brilliant nightstand offers an elegant solution for keeping your room organized and your bedside essentials within easy reach. Additionally, it serves as both a speaker and wireless charging pad, so you can listen to music before drifting off or answer calls when sleeping soundly.

Wyze Bulb Color makes for an excellent addition to any room, enabling you to set up customized lighting on a schedule – you could even set it to wake you up with light that helps boost serotonin levels in the morning!

Wireless charging pads and Bluetooth earphones

An unsightly nightstand can quickly become overrun with clutter, making waking up to an unplugged phone difficult and unsettling. A wireless charging pad is an effective solution to declutter a space while making charging simple for Android and Apple devices in one convenient place without searching for cables to charge devices individually. They’re great additions for families with multiple Android and Apple devices requiring charging!

Earbuds can be an indispensable sleep tool, but they may become cumbersome and slip out of your ears at night. With this HoomBand Audio Bedtime Headband product, you can use an app to play meditations, hypnotic stories, and other soothing sounds that help ease you to restful slumber.

An intelligent heated blanket will keep you cozy from winter to springtime all year. Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and other voice recognition applications to respond to your commands, featuring plush sherpa lining for added coziness.

Smart mirrors and vanity tech

Making getting ready in the morning or winding down for bed easier has never been more straightforward with a bright mirror. These devices feature a calendar, weather forecast, time of day, and many other handy features to assist with everyday routines.

Voice-activated lighting is one of the most satisfying bedroom gadgets. This device lets you quickly turn off all the lights with your voice or set ambiance lighting for an evening event.

QAIO understands the individual needs of every customer, which is why they offer complete customization for their smart bathroom mirrors. You can create mirrors in any shape or size to meet the aesthetic of any bathroom space; additionally, these come equipped with installation hardware and a thorough user manual – plus even warranties in case something goes wrong!

High-speed wifi routers

Your wifi needs to meet the requirements of streaming 4K videos, working remotely, or gaming at home. For optimal performance, look for routers with high-speed ratings that meet the bandwidth demands of each of your devices.

Consider also which wireless technology a router supports, with most modern models adopting Wi-Fi six standard and some offering support for 5G connection.

For example, the Asus RT-AX86U Pro features impressive speed and coverage in large homes. It can accommodate multiple streams at the same time while playing online games or taking video calls; plus, it supports Gigabit Ethernet connections – two 10 Gigabit ports as well as one 2.5 Gigabit port to access ultrafast home Internet connections are included with this device.

Health and Wellness Gadgets

Your bedroom should be your place of rest, so we have curated some of the most enjoyable bedroom gadgets on the market.

Light your way to bed easily using a motion-activated bed light that lights up when you move. Easy setup and compatibility with voice assistants such as Alexa make this smart device invaluable in lighting up your way to restful slumber.

Air purifiers and humidifiers

Air purifiers help keep your bedroom healthy by filtering out pollutants that can trigger allergies, asthma, and sinus issues. Humidifiers add extra moisture into the atmosphere to increase hydration and potentially prevent skin conditions such as dryness and itchiness.

The best intelligent humidifiers utilize ultrasonic technology to produce a mist free from particles, making them safe for children and pets. Furthermore, these humidifiers tend to be quieter than evaporators while not risking mold or bacteria accumulation as much.

If you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), light therapy devices could help. By simulating natural sunlight, they mimic its benefits to produce serotonin production, helping regulate your circadian rhythms and promoting more excellent restful nights during dark winter.

WWake-uplight alarm clocks

WWake-uplights use gradual sunlight exposure to alert your body that it’s time to rise and shine, providing an alternative alarm clock option and helping reduce morning grogginess when living in darker climates or rooms.

The Loftie light alarm stands out with its sleek design and minimal controls. It makes it simple to set multiple alarms without using its accompanying app (it pulls the time from your internet connection). Other notable features of the Loftie include sunset/sunrise settings, low blue lighting for winding down at nighttime, soothing birdsong/temple gong sounds/cafe noise sounds, and battery backup – rare among light alarms! It is more customizable than expensive models but still an ideal addition to any nightstand.

Fitness trackers and smart scales

If your goals include losing weight, eating healthier, or increasing exercise, investing in one of the top intelligent scales could help you reach them more efficiently. These wireless models can collect and display metrics like weight and sync up with fitness apps such as Apple Health, MyFitnessPal, Google Health, or Fitbit for further synchronized monitoring and results.

They’re often highly straightforward and user-friendly – you step on and wait a few seconds while your measurements are taken and uploaded. More advanced models may measure dimensions like body fat percentage and provide readings such as PWV (Pulse Wave Velocity) and nerve health assessments.

BedJet 3 is a fantastic bedroom gadget that helps you find your ideal sleeping temperature by absorbing and releasing heat without overheating. This product was also developed specifically to assist those suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder – so it may prove particularly helpful during winter. And its price point of just over $150 makes this an affordable solution!

Meditation and mindfulness aids

Meditation and mindfulness practices allow you to stay present, which can reduce stress, boost immunity, relieve pain, ease depression and anxiety, unhook from bad habits or addictions, and soothe insomnia. According to research, practicing these techniques could also positively alter your brain’s structure and function.

One easy way to incorporate mindfulness into daily life is with a smart speaker like Amazon Echo or Google Home. These impressive gadgets can perform multiple functions, from controlling other smart devices to giving the latest news and weather reports. At the same time, you sleep – an excellent way to add mindfulness into your everyday routine.

The CareOS Themis Smart Mirror is another effective way of bringing mindful technology into your bedroom. Equipped with sensors to track your health, including an IR skin analysis light UV camera and a sunrise alarm, gradually increasing room brightness for natural awakening, this intelligent mirror offers many mindful technologies designed for enhanced bedroom experiences.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Bedroom Gadgets

An eco-friendly bedroom involves using energy-efficient products and sustainable furniture to reduce energy usage and environmental impacts.

Utilize FSC-certified wood or bamboo furniture that doesn’t need pesticides; for added energy savings opt for LED lights to further lower energy usage.

Solar-powered gadgets

If you’re searching for bedroom gadgets to help promote restful slumber and make you more relaxed in your sanctuary, solar-powered devices could be just what’s needed to give you that peaceful sleep and boost energy savings while taking advantage of accessible renewable sources like SunPower.

These gadgets range from intelligent LED lights that switch on automatically when entering your bedroom to wireless solar keyboards that remove the need for AA batteries. Some devices are available to voice-control lights, such as this motion-activated bed light; others allow voice activation or even dry your clothes – perfect for those suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Switch your regular light bulbs for LEDs, which use less electricity and last much longer. Let natural light enter through your windows and doors – this has proven health benefits, such as helping regulate circadian rhythms and making you happier!

Energy-efficient devices

Smart thermostats can be an incredible boon to your energy bills. By making it easier to create the ideal temperature in your bedroom while saving money, these innovative gadgets make heating and cooling more cost-efficient than ever.

Smart speakers can be incredibly satisfying, mainly if you enjoy listening to music or audiobooks while sleeping. Plus, you can set it to play news and weather in the morning and create custom routines using voice activation!

Other energy-saving devices for a greener bedroom include an electric blanket to keep you cozy without increasing room temperatures and a motion-activated bed light that turns on when it detects movement before dimming again for your comfort.

Jisu Yang’s HAZY air-purifying window made our list of incredible bedroom gadgets. It allows natural sunlight into your morning routine and boosts serotonin, helping combat winter blues and depression.

Sustainable bedding and mattress options

Mattress and sheet selection is critical to creating restful sleep, and many manufacturers offer eco-friendly mattresses and sheets with lower thread counts that are great for your body, the environment, and your home. Consider selecting ones with GOTS-certified organic cotton and plant-based inks or dyes, as these may offer additional health benefits and make an ideal addition.

Avocado Green Mattress Company, for instance, is an eco-conscious mattress maker specializing in nontoxic mattresses made with organic latex and wool. Their goal is to offer quality beds at an affordable price without toxic chemicals or polyurethane foam – they even produce sustainable bedding like linen sheets, eco-friendly duvet covers, and an easily foldable comforter that doubles up as a toss pillow!

Cariloha provides another eco-friendly alternative with its bamboo viscose sheets, blankets, and mattress protectors that are both breathable and anti-fungal. Their fabrics come directly from Sichuan Province’s private bamboo farms, where safe working conditions, environmental protection measures, and sustainable livelihoods are guaranteed.

Eco-conscious sleep monitoring tools

Many sleep gadgets aim to track our sleeping patterns and provide insight into our physiology. Wearable devices, like the Ring Sleep Tracker, use small sensors to monitor heart rate and movement during restful slumber; non-wearable options sit under or on top of mattresses to collect data through vibrations.

No matter which device we select, they all aim to enhance our quality of life while we sleep. From innovative alarm clocks that gradually light up sunrise-esque scenes on our bedroom walls to soothing rainforest sounds and snore-reducing pillows, all these devices help us maximize the time we spend sleeping.

Notti is a fun bedroom gadget designed to help keep you informed throughout the night by lighting up different colors depending on notifications from your phone – calls, text messages, WhatsApp, IFTTT updates, and more! In addition to acting as an alarm clock and soft wakeup alarm, NOTTI can also play music!

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