Benton District 47 Wayne Williford Technology Director

Introduce Benton District 47 and its commitment to technology in education.

Once, district-level administrators needed a good grasp of what computer technology could do. However, as districts began creating and maintaining school and district-wide networks, a technology director became essential.

Studies demonstrate that new technology in education is most successful when teachers take ownership and accept guidance and support from their director.

Commitment to Technology in Education

Benton District 47 in Illinois serves 1,139 students over two schools, and its teachers have had 97 projects funded on DonorsChoose. Schools that mainly serve low-income students receive significantly less state and local funding than similar districts that serve more affluent pupils.

At home in east Arkansas during the coronavirus pandemic, a single mother and her 8-year-old son are doing their online homework from home as they lack reliable internet at their workplace or the community where they reside. Marvell-Elaine school superintendent Carl Easley used $600k of CARES Act funds to purchase Chromebooks and Wi-Fi spots; these should arrive Aug 27 – nearly three months after ordering them!

Technology Vision and Leadership

Benton District 47 has made incredible strides since facing a state takeover and potential closure, thanks to strong leadership and critical community investments. Thanks to these efforts, Benton District 47 now stands on a path toward success.

Schools in this district are making impressive strides toward narrowing the achievement gap compared to similar districts throughout the state. Discover how you can support them on!

Technology Support and Maintenance

Wayne Williford and his team, as the District Technology Director, are responsible for all technological aspects of school systems, including support and maintenance for school-based and administrative technologies. It allows teachers to focus on instruction while students receive the best education.

Benton CCSD 47 School District serves a student population of 1,091, ranking among the bottom 50% for math and reading proficiency scores and below-average diversity ratings.

Schools serving predominantly low-income and minority students receive significantly less local and state funding than similar districts serving predominantly White students. Learn about this disparity and discover ways to close it on – the most trusted classroom funding resource for teachers! This district had 97 projects funded on DonorsChoose during the 2016-17 school year alone!

Wayne Williford’s Background and Expertise

Benton District 47’s Technology Director oversees all technological aspects in their district. This challenging yet rewarding role combines education, leadership and management responsibilities – it requires intensive training for success!

Allen Williford will lead Medoc Mountain Park’s efforts to connect its facilities to its community. A graduate of Wayne Community College and South Georgia State College, he looks forward to maintaining its high standards.

Educational Background

Wayne Williford earned his Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice/Police Administration from Parks College. He completed multiple law enforcement training courses before receiving his master’s in Information Technology Management. Now serving as Director of Technology for Benton District 47, he oversees all technological aspects within their school system.

He is also Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer for JB Coxwell Contracting, a Commercial and residential construction company founded in 1983 with an estimated 90 employees based out of Jacksonville, Florida.

He is believed to be friends, associates or coworkers with Bagby Terran, Benita D. Fabian, Brittany L. Farlow, Ceasal W. Clyburn and Clement Joachim JR. Additionally, he previously resided at 2 Blakiston Street, Philadelphia, PA; 4 Blakiston Street, Philadelphia; 8029B Erdrick Street, Philadelphia, PA; as well as his current base in Jacksonville, Florida, where no transactions of Ameris Bancorp occurred in the past 18 months.


Wayne Williford is an accomplished technical expert with experience spanning various industries and over three decades of testing, deploying, and supporting advanced technologies and complex mechanical systems. He has held positions such as project engineer, senior engineering manager, operations director, vice president of commercial O&M services and well service group head in multiple energy companies.

Williford challenges in seven points of asserted error the trial court’s order that resulted in its rendering of a take-nothing judgment after a bench trial of his suit against Submergible Cable Services, Inc. (Submergible) and Reda Pump Division of TRW Energy Products Group of TRW Inc (Reda) for breach of contract and negligence. We reject each point raised by Williford.

Paul began his career as a carpenter before rising through the ranks of a construction company to oversee field operations for multiple large projects at once. This experience gives Paul an excellent blend of practical building knowledge with contractual “business” knowledge, providing your project with a dedicated, experienced professional for estimates, contracts, building, and closing out its completion.

Wayne Williford’s Vision for Technology in Education

Wayne Williford serves as Technology Director for Benton District 47 and oversees all technological aspects of its school district. With an extensive background in education and a passion for working with children, Wayne enjoys serving Benton District 47’s students as Technology Director.

Beginning his career at General Motors as a clerical staff member, he rose to management level. His firm belief is that his work should uphold those around him.


Wayne Williford is an I.T. professional with a degree from Jacksonville University and currently works as the Vice President at JB Coxwell Contracting. This organization specializes in both residential and commercial construction projects. Furthermore, Wayne possesses significant expertise in solar energy.

Starting his career in textiles and industrial engineering, he quickly decided to follow his interest in law enforcement. After receiving basic law enforcement training, he joined the Emerald Isle Police Department as an officer before being hired by N.C. State Parks as a ranger at Kerr Lake State Recreation Area before ultimately being named superintendent at Medoc Mountain State Park in Halifax County.

Williford will serve as park superintendent, overseeing staffing, planning, environmental education, natural resource management and law enforcement operations. In this position, he replaces Kelley King, who retired last spring.


Wayne Williford has over 30 years of experience as a technology professional and is proficient at developing and testing innovative technologies and complex mechanical systems. Wayne oversees all technological aspects as part of Benton District 47’s administrative staff.

Williford had previously served as a state park ranger at Medoc Mountain State Park in Halifax County as park superintendent, where his duties included staffing, planning, environmental education, natural resource management and law enforcement. Additionally, he had experience at Kerr Lake State Recreation Area.

Williford established Williford Group as a network marketing business in 2001. She provided training and opportunities to those searching for additional income sources through it. Williford discovered her work uplifted many individuals and was inspired to continue making an impactful difference through this career path. It was fulfilling, thus her excitement at being appointed Superintendent at Medoc Mountain State Park.

Impact on Students and Teachers

Benton District 47 students have greatly benefitted from Wayne Williford’s leadership, as evidenced by testimonials or anecdotes from teachers and students who have felt his impact. Some stories are personal, while others highlight a project or class he managed; many highlight how his efforts have directly affected student achievement and engagement in learning.

Benton Community Consolidated School District 47 in Illinois enrolls 1,139 students across two schools, and its teachers have had 97 projects funded on DonorsChoose – the world’s premier classroom funding website – while receiving less local and state funding than similar districts.

This district features an unhealthy student-teacher ratio and poor academic performance, with students scoring an average math proficiency score of 17% and a reading proficiency score of 20%, placing it within the bottom 50% of public schools across California.

District 173 faces low enrollment and financial challenges, necessitating layoffs of 11 teaching positions and ten other staff members. Though its finances are improving slowly, this change may occur should additional state funding become available by August. For more information about interim assessments, please read this helpful guide.

Impact on Teachers

Benton District 47 educators face an uphill struggle with increasing attendance and raising academic proficiency for their students while simultaneously making a difference in the lives of many who face difficult home situations. Although some may view state threats to close high schools by parceling them out among neighboring districts as an attack against Benton’s education efforts, their teachers and administrators are working together in opposition against that threat.

Teachers across the district use innovative approaches to bring learning to their students. Many are sharing these techniques with colleagues and the local board of education; one teacher uses an adaptable space to group her students for creative project-based learning; this room also includes a small stage to showcase their works to classmates and community members.

Another educator shares how her first-year engineering class provides its students with various challenges, from designing fashion to building carbon dioxide-powered drag racing vehicles. This approach helps her students see the relevance of their learning in class with real-world applications.

One junior on the advisory committee who has faced academic struggles remarked that outreach from community members had made him feel more at ease in school, urging his school district to continue engaging with community leaders and building bridges with them.

Impact on Staff

As part of its efforts to provide students with better academic opportunities, the district is also focused on helping teachers refine their teaching methods and meet students’ needs through providing support services and resources. Such initiatives have enabled it to attract and retain teachers, leading to increased student achievement.

The district has also received support from local donors; during the 2017-2018 school year, it received $14.8 million from state, local, and federal sources and had 97 projects funded on DonorsChoose (one of the leading classroom funding websites). Schools serving predominantly students of color receive considerably less funding than similar schools serving mainly white pupils.

Though Benton District 47’s financial improvements may be impressive, its academic performance remains subpar. Students enrolled in Benton District 47 consistently score below the Illinois average on math and reading proficiency exams; additionally, enrollment has declined since 2011. As a result, enrollment may drop further, leading to concerns that enrollment might drop even further; consequently, it could even force the closure of its high school. Despite such concerns from its community and students alike, Superintendent Dashuna Robinson maintains hope that improvements can still be made and keep its doors open for business.

Impact on District

Goble was instrumental in leading Benton District 47 through its financial crisis and upgrading facilities while also helping improve curriculum and student-teacher ratio. His favorite accomplishment was undoubtedly opening up the new Doug Collins and John Malkovich Event Center; it became his “crown jewel.” However, one of his most significant contributions lay outside tangible measurement: improving articulation across grade levels and courses.

CMSU felt after they met with Genovese and Kocher that there may have been irreparable damage between the superintendent and school administration. Director Gorrell claimed Baker’s actions at the meeting cast doubt upon his integrity; she was also concerned by an apparent letter written himself, which appeared on their letterhead.

Schools serving predominantly students of color receive less state and local funding compared to schools serving predominantly white students, creating what’s known as an achievement gap that is difficult for schools to close. One solution teachers have utilized to address this is DonorsChoose – a nonprofit crowdfunding platform used by teachers across Benton District 47 teachers over the past year to fund classroom projects through DonorsChoose; over 1300 classroom projects will be funded this year!

Notable Technological Initiatives

Educational environments have been significantly enhanced through innovative technological initiatives. These programs typically revolve around the idea that networking technologies can link schools with other educational institutions and community organizations to expand students’ access to learning resources. Such partnerships have proven wildly successful when providing historically disadvantaged groups of Americans access to computing and communication technologies that could help them overcome some of their disadvantages. One notable example is Blackstock Junior High School in California, where an innovative program that provided students with computers connected through a networked environment increased standardized test scores significantly.

Mobile Learning

Mobile learning can be an excellent way to enhance employee training and development, allowing employees to learn wherever they may be in today’s fast-paced workplace. Mobile learning also increases employee engagement and retention rates and is becoming increasingly popular as a mobile society.

Teachers can use technology in many ways to help their students excel. One approach involves educational games as an engaging and enjoyable way to teach new information to their pupils while helping develop skills necessary for school success.

Education experts recognize that not all students learn the same way, so educators have devised different teaching techniques for different kinds of students. Several second graders from Cindy Mathews’ class recently showcased various learning strategies based on the Engage New York curriculum to board members.

Technology in the Classroom

Teachers are using technology to transform the educational environment in their classrooms, using various applications to teach students how to navigate computer systems and prepare them for life outside schooling – such as financial management, business skills and social media applications. Provides them with skills they will need in today’s globalized environment.

Benton Community Consolidated School District 47 teachers have raised enough money on DonorsChoose for 97 projects to be completed this school year, raising over $100,000 and exceeding expectations by raising 42% more than needed! Learn more about Benton and how it compares with similar districts throughout Illinois. Districts serving predominantly minority students tend to receive much lower state and local funding than similar schools serving predominantly white pupils – an issue known as an Achievement Gap that schools are working hard to close.

Challenges and Solutions

DonorsChoose projects by teachers in this district serve 1,139 students from two schools and fund 97 projects for these educators on DonorsChoose, helping address an educational opportunity gap and further benefit students and their education opportunities. Learn more.

Democratic strategists predict a challenging reelection challenge for Taylor following ethical problems related to the loan fraud scandal. His opponent, Buncombe County Commissioner Patsy Keever, is an aggressive fundraiser who has already attacked Taylor’s record in Congress.

Fuller’s decision to run came as a relief to Democrats, who were fearful that Rogers would run unopposed in this swing district. Fuller raised over $271,000 during his first quarter fundraising and is considered an outstanding challenger against Republican Charles Boustany and 1996 candidate David Thibodeaux; observers anticipate an intense primary battle spanning three media markets for this seat.


Wayne Williford has proven his skills at SunSystem Technology (SST) since joining in 2016. Since 2016, Williford has effectively led SST’s commercial Operations and Maintenance Services teams. A native of Goldsboro, North Carolina, Williford studied textiles and industrial engineering before transitioning into law enforcement – serving as a police officer, fisheries enforcement officer, park ranger for North Carolina state parks before taking charge at Medoc Mountain State Park in Halifax County – now where Williford plans on injecting new energy while working to connect initiatives with community efforts he plans on injecting new life into Medoc Mountain State Park!

Williford has excelled as an accomplished leader and committed team player, contributing significantly to SST’s residential and commercial O&M services.

Future of Technology in Benton District 47

Education is an integral component of modern society, giving children a foundation to build success. However, not all schools are created equal – some may be better rated than others. To help find the ideal school for your child, use GreatSchools ratings: this website rates schools based on academic performance and equity measures.

Technology is a Key Part of Education

Technology in education often provides teachers with the tools they need to enhance educational programs and student support and engagement. At the same time, schools benefit from reduced instructional material costs and better use of teacher time. Furthermore, educational technology equips students with valuable digital tools that expand learning opportunities and help prepare them for future careers.

Students can now quickly and efficiently access leveled reading programs and search information online with just the click of a button, saving both time and allowing students to focus on areas that genuinely interest them. Furthermore, collaborative projects between teachers and their students outside traditional classroom hours or geographic locations are now more accessible through instant messaging or video chat technology.

Students can benefit from virtual classrooms to hone their presentation skills, while Augmented Reality (A.R.) technology can increase student engagement. Commonly used for popular games like Pokemon G.O., AR can also benefit education.

Teachers are essential in making decisions regarding the incorporation of technology in classrooms; after all, they are responsible for providing instruction. It is also crucial that school administrators consult with teachers on this issue to ensure that any educational technology used aligns with classroom goals and pedagogy.

Technology Initiatives

Utilizing technology to bolster education is crucial. Its use will become even more essential to the success of any district and an effective means of keeping all students connected while assuring they receive a comprehensive education experience.

You can visit their website here for more information on how to upgrade the district’s technology. Additionally, following them on social media will keep you updated on developments.

Cannon of Wisconsin took responsibility for Election No. 2, while Cabot of Pennsylvania handled expenditures within Executive Departments. Cramer from Kansas oversaw Coinage, Weights and Measures, with Chapman representing Nebraska overseeing Interstate and Foreign Commerce.

Summarize the critical takeaways about Wayne Williford’s role as the Technology Director in Benton District 47

Benton District 47’s Wayne Williford oversees all technological aspects of his district. He ensures students have access to the necessary technology they require in school and beyond – this role enormously positively affects student achievement.

Schools serving predominantly students of color receive considerably less local and state funding than schools serving white students, so DonorsChoose allows you to help close this funding gap.

Key Takeaways

Wayne Williford serves as Technology Director in Benton District 47. includes overseeing all technological aspects within the school system – such as installing new technologies, training teachers and students on existing ones, and ensuring everything works optimally. Furthermore, he is accountable for managing its budget.

Williford Orman Construction was established by Paul and Wayne Orman, veteran construction professionals with over 63 years of combined experience in the industry. These duo possess both practical knowledge of how things are constructed and an in-depth understanding of contractual business matters – all combined into providing top-quality service from estimate through building completion to closure for each client.

Schools serving predominantly students of color tend to receive significantly less state and local funding than similar districts serving primarily white children. Learn about this discrepancy and why it exists before taking steps to close it yourself.

Technology Initiatives

Wayne Williford has years of experience as an I.T. professional and knows how to integrate technology into businesses effectively. Due to this expertise, he has spearheaded numerous technological initiatives within the district and provides I.T. support services that will get businesses back on track with their business goals.

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Wayne Williford possesses expertise across multiple industries and fields of technology testing, deployment and support – particularly within an ever-evolving industry like solar power. His knowledge can make him an invaluable asset to any team.

Allen Williford will have the difficult task of connecting community initiatives to those of Medoc Mountain State Park in Halifax County as superintendent. His education and career experiences have equipped him for this responsibility, including basic law enforcement training, textiles, and industrial engineering knowledge.

Technology Support

Wayne Williford serves as the Technology Director of Benton School District. He aims to give them access to top-quality educational tools in an ever-evolving world.

Wayne Williford began his career in textiles before switching to industrial engineering. He studied at both Wayne Community College and South Georgia State College. Later, Williford decided to pursue law enforcement as a profession and took Basic Law Enforcement Training at Wayne Community College and South Georgia State College. He worked first as a marine police officer in Emerald Isle before joining North Carolina State Parks, where he held various roles, such as park ranger at Kerr Lake State Recreation Area and Medoc Mountain State Park, both located within Halifax County.

Williford filed this suit against Submergible Cable Services (Submergible) and Reda Pump Division of TRW Energy Products Group of TRW Inc (Reda). He asserted a claim under Generalization 7 of the Uniform Commercial Code, which provides that an individual is liable in tort if damages result from reliance upon promises made by another. Undisputed testimony demonstrated that Williford did not possess or understand its contents when contracting Reda to install an ESP system at Sell 9-1.

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